Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fear Based Decisions

Fear is rarely a good basis for making a decision, whether your electing a president, voting on an initiative, buying insurance or selecting a criminal defense attorney. Creating and manipulating fear is as old as commerce and politics. It is also used by some attorneys to scare accused persons into signing a retainer agreement when the accused has little or no information about the charges, the consequences or the alternatives.

Although time and knowledge are what attorneys sell, the buyer should also know what he/she is buying and what alternative are in the market. Neither an accused party nor his/her family or friends should ever retain an attorney who doesn't have time to sit down and discuss what is going to happen during the criminal process and what services the attorney can provide during each stage of that process. Take advantage of free consultations or even those with a small fee. But be willing to walk out without signing any agreement. If after thinking about it you find the attorney a good fit for your needs, you can always go back and retain the attorney based on what you now know and not out of fear of what you don't know.

If the attorney is more interested in scarring you into closing the deal by signing the retainer than explaining and honestly evaluating your situation--move on to another attorney.

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